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Career of Auditing Expertise

A recently retired auditor/investigator with the Ministry of Transportation (2016), I bring 35 years of enforcement experience to every client.  Since Feb/2017, I have been running a successful consulting business, as a highly regarded and knowledgeable professional, known for having proficient, broad-based competency skills, and expert regulatory knowledge. These competencies, an irrefutable work ethic, and the respect earned from both the Ministry's Carrier Safety Enforcement Program and the corporate leaders of the transportation industry have carried forward into my consulting career.

Training and practical experience in policy and program development and implementation, strategic planning, project management, provincial training, and all facets of both group and individual communications (verbal, written, digital), provide a well-rounded approach to my consulting services.  To be clear, the expertise I bring my clients ensures an optimized set of results to best suit the business, safety, and compliance needs of the company. 

Whether you operate locally or long haul, private or for hire, transport/trucking companies, construction, landscaping, farming and produce industry, retail, commercial contractors, or any other businesses operating CVOR vehicles. My consultation services will help you meet all commercial business needs.

Make My Experience Work For You

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