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Transportation Consultation Services

Service Guide

Service contract written and fees set with the individual operators at the time of the contract.

Services: Service

Safety and Compliance Program Reviews

Determine the compliance status of your commercial safety program (internal business practices, policies, fleet maintenance, hours of service, and record-keeping).

Provide detailed review and analysis of your company's policies, procedures, and practices as they relate to commercial transportation. We will provide proactive recommendations and positive solutions that will suit your business needs, manage risks, and keep your company in regulatory compliance with today's commercial transportation laws.

Mock Audits

Conduct internal compliance audits in relation to vehicle maintenance requirements and records, driver hours of service records, compliance monitoring, as well as record keeping and retention..

Mock audits would involve a random sampling review of driver and vehicle files and records. These are beneficial if you want to maintain commercial compliance within your organization or expect to receive a Ministry of Transportation facility audit or re-audit and want to get an idea of what your current compliance status may be prior to the ministry coming in.

CVOR Issue Assistance

Guidance regarding company Commercial Vehicle Operator Registration (CVOR) and carrier safety ratings

If your company is having issues with their CVOR, or carrier safety rating problems, resulting from on-road CVOR activity (requiring business practice and/or compliance improvements) -  I can assist you in both regards.

Driver Training

Hours of service, Trip inspection, Record-keeping

We will provide the relevant commercial driver and corporate training that is necessary for your company officials and drivers to maintain compliance with hours of service (addressing both local and long haul provisions), trip inspection (inspection and reporting requirements), and both driver and operator record keeping requirements.

Audit Preparation Review

Review and make recommendations on internal records management preparedness for an upcoming Ministry of Transportation audit.

This review would ensure you have all the required documents and records ready, and onsite, in preparation for an upcoming Ministry of Transportation audit.

Audit Result Implementation Strategies

Following a Ministry of Transportation (MTO) audit, we would work with the operator to determine effective and appropriate internal compliance strategies.

An MTO audit can seem like a lot of information and practices you need to put in place. Sitting down with the operator following an MTO audit to assist with compliance strategies moving forward can simplify the changes required. Identifying, organizing, and prioritizing with the right tools and implementation plan can make this transition much smoother.

Driver Record Reviews

Provide periodic hours of service record reviews with compliance reports on drivers. Service options would vary depending on operator needs.

Work with the operator to ensure periodic monitoring for driver hours of service compliance requirements. This could include a complete review of documented and electronic files (logs, time records, and supporting documentation) for selected drivers. Review frequency can be determined at the time of contract but is usually conducted on a monthly basis.

Fleet Maintenance Management

Review and determine compliance of operator fleet maintenance business practices, policies and procedures. Make recommendations on improvement strategies.

Are you aware of all current maintenance requirements for commercial CVOR operators and vehicles? This review will ensure familiarization with commercial inspection standards, and where to reference them when needed. Establish a fleet maintenance program, policy, and procedures where required, and ensure record-keeping provisions comply with today's regulatory standards.

Records Management

Work with the operator to implement action plans for improved and compliant management of records (format, content, filing, retention).

Commercial Vehicle Operator Registration (CVOR) operators have certain prescribed record-keeping requirements that set them apart from smaller commercial vehicle operators. The Ministry of Transportation sets out distinct records standards that have to be met with vehicles, drivers, and monitoring practices. We will review your current record-keeping practices to ensure you are proactively maintaining what is both regulated and would meet reasonable due diligence.

Policy and Procedure Development

Review and make best practice recommendations on the operator's internal policies and procedures to ensure regulatory compliance and more effective business practices.

For operator's that are extremely busy and can't find the time or resources, or are just not sure where to start, we can provide the guidance, direction, and recommendations to ensure you have effective policies and procedures in place to run your commercial operation as it relates to Ontario's rules.

Dangerous Goods Compliance

Direction and regulatory guidance

Provide commercial operators the regulatory direction and guidance required when transporting dangerous goods by road.  Also, if operator vehicles have gone through an inspection and dangerous goods violations identified; I work with the company to implement sustainable corrective measures and procedures to resolve the compliance issues.

Commercial Forms Development

Work with the operator's internal direction and business strategies to develop the necessary business forms to maintain commercial compliance.

Aware you may need certain forms but not sure where to start or find the necessary inclusions? We can look at your operation, determine what is both necessary and also what would help make everyone's job easier by developing the forms to meet your commercial transportation needs. Whether it is logs, time records, trip inspection, or a combination of both, or whether it is templates, checklists, or quick reference guides you can refer to, we can provide the assistance you are looking for.

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